Alan Hand, PQS

Senior Partner

With over 40 years of experience, Alan is an industry renowned team leader and cost control expert.

Large scale, multi-faceted, and complex projects benefit from Alan’s expertise through his delivery of thorough, detailed cost control and cost planning coupled with his thorough risk management methodology, where the cost identification, assessment, sensitivity analysis, contingency planning, and allowances relating to project risks are addressed. Alan Hand joined A.W. Hooker in 1987 as a Senior Partner, and managed the firm’s growth to its current size and operations. Prior, he performed as a quantity surveyor across Western Canada, Australia, and England. Alan has demonstrated extensive experience in preparing vital cost plans and cost management strategies for construction projects throughout the full project lifecycle. He is highly knowledgeable in the cost issues surrounding the construction phase, and has provided this expertise on a wide variety of sectors.

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David Montgomery, CEC

Partner (Electrical)

David Montgomery joined A.W. Hooker in 2006 as Partner (Electrical). Prior, he practiced electrical consulting in a variety of roles such as electrical estimating and cost control, project site supervision, and project management.

He provided such services for some of the largest Canadian electrical contractors, including State Electric and Ainsworth Electric. David has been involved with electrical systems installation design for major, highly complex design-build projects. He has headed and helped grow the design-build divisions of the largest electrical design-build companies in North America. His impressive electrical experience across a multitude of project sectors contributes to David’s reliable cost knowledge.

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Greg Babiak, PQS

Partner (Mechanical)

Greg joined A.W. Hooker Associates in 2008 as a Mechanical Quantity Surveyor.  Since that time, he has worked on over 1,000 projects throughout the industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential sectors.

His forte on complex buildings; such as, performing arts, pharmaceutical, and mission critical facilities with demanding environments cemented him as one of our industry’s foremost Mechanical experts.

Greg’s passion and attention to detail are second to none.  His knowledge and ability to contribute practical advice while working closely with a design team is a vital component to successful cost control during the design stages.

Greg leads a team of Mechanical Quantity Surveyors by focusing on mentorship and collaboration.  He oversees the hands-on measuring and quantification processes, and project coordination to deliver high standards of quality in all project cost estimates under his care.

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Tim Moore, PQS


Tim Moore joined A.W. Hooker in 2000, and has since practiced his entire quantity surveying career with the firm and has been a Partner since 2005.

Tim has earned extensive experience in providing cost control during the design stage, and also expertise in cost monitoring during construction. He is the specialized partner for project monitoring services during construction. His project experience covers all the major sectors of construction including multi-unit residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial builds, including some of the firm’s large scale and complex projects. Tim has exemplified accuracy and a standard of quality in his leadership spanning projects of all sizes, magnitudes and complexities.

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Glenn Hultzer, B.Sc. (QS), MRICS, PQS


Glenn Hultzer is a Partner with A.W. Hooker and has 23 years of experience leading quantity surveying assignments around the world.

Glenn has an extensive background in construction contract management and administration. Further, he has accumulated considerable knowledge within cost planning; loan monitoring; dispute resolution; procurement advisory; contract preparation; commercial advisory and project management skills. Glenn’s international experience, outside of Canada, has included working in South Africa, United States of America, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Glenn has a four year B.Sc degree in Quantity Surveying and is accredited as a Professionally registered Quantity Surveyor with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as well the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

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Tanju Celen, PQS


Tanju Celen is a Partner with A.W. Hooker and has over 26 years of experience in lead roles in the construction industry.

Prior to immigrating to Canada, Tanju worked as a senior Civil Engineer in Turkey. His area of expertise was construction estimating and cost management on multi-million dollar projects including housing, high-rise buildings, dams, hydro electrical power plants and highways including bridges and viaducts. His versatile experience at A.W. Hooker encompasses commercial, institutional, industrial and civil projects. Tanju is well versed in every stage of the estimating process and is dedicated to delivering high-quality service. His engineering background helps him to manage complex and large-scale projects and deliver excellence in cost consulting services.

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